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Walking through the narrow streets, with 'larris' on either sides...
the smell of garma garam 'Gathiya and Jalebi'... the rattle of 'Pav-bhaji' wala's tava... the sight of garam Bhajiya... the packets of mouth watering Pani Puri... the Farsan shop where each item tempts you... starting from Khaman dhokla to Samosa to Khandvi... Simply irresistible!

We missed all of these and many more such experiences, but not any longer! This is the reason Chatkazz was created.

Food is our passion and at Chatkazz, we believe in creating the 'Indian experience with the best Indian Street Food and Farsan', which will re-kindle your memories of home. And even if you haven't been to India, come and join us to experience how delicious Indian street food is!